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Doing STUF? #protectup #stufprotectionfactor   Doing stuf? Protect up! Sunscreen is used to protect our skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays are a short wavelength only penetrating the surface (epidermis) of the skin, causing the skin to burn. UVA penetrates deeper into the skin than UVB, and will cause immediate suntan, not… Read more »

Bike Ability – Kids’ skills clinic #bikeability #stuf

Hosted by Lee Archer and the crew – PWC Bike Park on 9-11 December Fun, adventure, smiles and STUF: STUF provided Sunscreen spf40 Stuf and Shampoo Stuf for each of the rider’s goodie bags. Making sure everyone protects up and cleans up!                          … Read more »

Sorbet Man – Balls For Brovember #KickItForACause #stuf

Sorbet Man hosted the Balls For Brovember event at the Discovery Soccer Park which was a huge success! STUF provided product hampers for the winning team and sampled Sunscreen Stuf and Shampoo Stuf to everyone attending the event.                                    … Read more »

Diepsloot Mountain Bike Academy

DMA Skills Day With Michael Ferreira #doyourstuf STUF was given the amazing opportunity to get involved with these passionate riders! A special thanks to Mike Ferreira, Complete Cyclist, PWC Bike Park and everyone else who had a role in this initiative.                                … Read more »

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