Hibernation? The struggle is real! We asked Michael Ferreira a few questions on training in winter, how to beat the slump and steer clear of the all too familiar “Hibernation Phase” often experienced by athletes and those training for personal goals/events.         What challenges does your body go through in winter training and how… Read more »

STUF Brand Ambassador

SHANNON SMITH  #madeoftherightStuf SA Showjumper – Law Student Sponsored by: Royal feeds, Ariat Europe, Western Shoppe, STUF   At just 20 years old Shannon Smith has impressed us with her passion, enthusiasm, professionalism and charisma. She is undoubtedly talented and is simply inspirational to every young rider, horse lover and fellow athlete.      … Read more »

The Right Stuf #JRAD #DoStufBeStuf

      We’ve asked Jaryd Browne what you need to know to get through the hard stuf while doing your stuf. Content by: Jaryd Browne (TSA Level 1 Coach) “To get to BE STUF you need to DO STUF and the stuff you do needs to be the right stuff for you to reach your… Read more »


      INSIGHT INTO TRAINING – The STUF you need to know about training for 2016   Content by: White Inc.   In the build up to some of your favorite events in the calendar, it is time to get training and committed so that you can reach your goals that you set out… Read more »

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