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The Stats

Nationality: South African

Date of Birth: 14 July 1994

Height: 184.5 cm

Weight: 67.5 kg

Current coach: Lindsey Parry

Current training location: High Performance Centre-Pretoria

Personal Best Olympic Distance: Swim:, 20:51 Cycle: 1:01:47 ,Run: 39:55


What makes you feel so passionate about competing in triathlons?

Jaryd: “I do triathlons because I truly love the sport and the connotations that go with it . I love the training because I get to explore new places on a regular basis, often during times
when most people are sitting in an office. Triathlon brings all kinds of people together from all over the world and unites them in a balanced, healthy lifestyle that you don’t get in any
other sport.”




You come from a highly talented sporting family. Who would you say has been the most influential person in your life and why is this?

Jaryd: “The most influential person in my life is Arthur Browne, my grandfather. This is because of his excellence in a professional sporting career as opening batsmen and bowler for South
West Africa’s national team , now known as Namibia.”


What has been your favourite race so far and why?

Jaryd: “Mauritius National Champs as it was my first international race as well as my first overall win.”


What has been your proudest moment to date in your sporting career?

Jaryd: “I would have to say winning South African Triathlon Championships in the age group
20-24 at the age of 19.”


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What would your advice be to a beginner that wants to start engaging in triathlons?

Jaryd: “The best advice I could give to a beginner triathlete is to know that you are not starting a new sport, you are changing your lifestyle and its the best decision you can make.
The triathlon community and lifestyle is truly an awesome place and you will be hooked
straight away. Do it because you love it and ask lots of questions to make your experience
an even better one.”


You mentioned you wanted to open your own training centre, tell us more!

Jaryd: “I love helping people achieve their goals. I would love to open a training centre that
focuses specifically on the needs of individual athletes and not group based training as
everybody has different goals, time allocations and lifestyles.”


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How do you feel that you are making a difference for younger athletes?

Jaryd: “I believe I am contributing to the younger athletes by sharing my knowledge and
experiences openly and having the willingness to build the sport as a whole . The younger
generation are the next olympians and its the current athletes responsibility to help them by
giving them advice on how to reach there goals and what they can do to not make the same
mistakes you did.”


What are your Triathlon goals?

Jaryd: “I have qualified to race Elite at an u/23 level. I will be racing the circuit to collect enough points to race at the highest level of triathlon on the world series as well as race World
Championships next year in Mexico. My ultimate goal is the 2020 Olympics.”




What can we expect from you next?

Jaryd: “I will be traveling to Boulder, Colorado in the United States of America from June to
September. I will train and learn from the best athletes and sports scientists in the world for
endurance sport. I cannot wait to share my experiences with all endurance sport lovers and
enthusiasts. I will be sharing my experiences on a blog for everybody to follow.”


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Who are your current sponsors in addition to STUF?

Jaryd: “My current sponsors include: SA Asia Cable, Skullcandy, Ogio, Powerbar, T3_Multisports -Huub Design and Bonk Triathlon”


Where can one follow you and stay in contact?

Facebook page:

Twitter: @J_RADx3

Instagram: @Thisisjrad



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