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We’ve asked Jaryd Browne what you need to know to get through the hard stuf while doing your stuf.

Content by: Jaryd Browne (TSA Level 1 Coach)

“To get to BE STUF you need to DO STUF and the stuff you do needs to be the right stuff for you to reach your goals.” – Jaryd Browne





Set Goals

Set a number of short term goals culminating in a long term goal.  This gives you a sense of achievement as you work your way along the challenges.  Be realistic otherwise you set yourself up for failure but don’t make the goals too easy, as you are then selling yourself short.  These are YOUR personal goals…own them.






If you can afford it, get a coach to assist you in planning your training to maximise your time and effort.  Join a club/team of like-minded people to train and share information with. Network with your chosen sports ambassadors as they generally are great about sharing their knowledge. Trawl the web for information on training exercises and effort levels.



Every planned session missed is a session your competitors did!  Try to complete the session but doing some of the session is better than nothing.  Get injuries treated asap.  Training whilst injured means doing damage that may result in not reaching your goals.





Eat to fuel your body to train.  Make clever choices and eat clean.  You can reward yourself on occasion but not as a daily event!  Fuel your body according to the session level and duration.  Everybody is different and its important to find out what works for you.



Sleep is your best form of rest and recovery which is vital to making the next days session effective.  Different people need different amounts of sleep but train your body to use sleep time efficiently by being in a routine.  Go to sleep and wake up at similar times each day.


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